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    Katie Newburn // Clouds and Coffee via Instagram

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    Jazz Maynard 5. Copyright: Dargaud / Raule & Roger

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    A+X #4 cover by Kaare Andrews

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    From April 15th to April 22nd, Destroy Comics will be hosting with Z2 Comics the Escapo World Tour. This will be a week long gallery of poster art submitted by artists around the world dedicated to celebrating the release of Paul Pope’s Escapo through the Escapo Poster Contest.

    Order the book on amazon or at your local comic store.

    If you’re an artist and you wish to submit, you have until the 22nd. Anything submitted after will be posted out of contest. There’s a possible collection of all poster submission as an e-zine for all those involved.

    Art will be collected here.

    There’s a delay on Escapo due to printing, so this is the first leg and I’ll have another contest announcement soon. Winners will still get a copy, but earlier than the release.

    I illustrated the top ill for the contest that I’m moderating on Destroy Comics.  Check it.

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    Winston Chmielinski

    Soft 23

    oil on canvas

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    Commissioner Gordon by David Mazzucchelli (from DC Who’s Who)

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